The recording industry has been subject to major changes over the last decades. Nowadays, musicians tend to record their music in a home set-up and would send stems to the production company / mixing engineer. My control room has been optimized for recording voices and acoustic instruments. Just send your songs / album over and I’ll happily add bass tracks to fit your music. Services include providing reference tracks plus single stems so you can continue to work on your recordings at your choice. In addition, I’m happy to cater for instrument overdubs and voiceovers of any kind.


This can be a tricky one - most of us have been there before: when does audio editing cross the line and too much of it suddenly sucks all life out of a track? My approach is to try and tackle this issue from an artistic point of view, with a more holistic view to aim at an overall convincing production, rather than a dead polished parrot. Less is definitely more!



As good as your song / track may have been arranged and performed – it will most likely never exceed the quality of your mix. What’s more – a fantastic mix will let your music shine in a completely different light. I’m fond of mixes which are well balanced, transparent, compact and clear. Most important, I need to feel moved by a mix on an emotional level. Due to my experience as an all-round musician I bring to the table the capacity to think and take decisions beyond genre boundaries. At the end of the day, much of it is down to taste and I’m more than happy to work closely with my customers in helping them realise their ideas and wishes to the best of my abilities.



My work ethic has been labelled as perfectionist on numerous occasions - which, I believe, is a pre-requisite for this specific skill. I relish in working on final details and polishing productions to perfection. Ideally, this process involves just a few minor decisions to making an impact on the bigger picture. Same as with the mixing, I try to respond to the music intuitively first. Sonic quality is of upmost priority and hence I will always consider my next steps carefully. I master full scale recordings as well as single tracks for CD (Red Book, DDP), video, download / streaming, broadcast and vinyl.

Vinyl to digital

Every so often customers decide they want their old records converted to digital format. In addition to converting from analogue to digital, I offer a complete refurbishment and re-master of the original audio source, so that your beloved music continues to live on.